Mr. Crumpler's Class<br>


Mission: The mission of Brighton Elementary School is to provide opportunities for children to learn, achieve, and succeed in a safe and caring environment.


Motto: “Bright futures begin at BES”


RTI B Motto: *Be Ready * Be Respectful * Be Responsible


It has been fun getting to know your child this first week. Now that we have established rules and procedures we will begin our regular lessons.


This week:


Math: Place Value

Reading: Finish Sideways Stories

English: Nouns, Pronouns, & Verbs

Social Studies: Continents & Oceans (Test Thursday 17 August) Students have handouts. We have reviewed in class using several days this week and will continue until test day. Check it out and review with your child at home.

Science: Plant & Animal Life Cycles


     The only math homework students have is to study math facts on xtramath. Everyone has a registration form.  If you don’t have Internet access flash cards will work. There are many apps available too. One of our favorite apps is Space Math. 10-15 minutes nightly is all I ask. Students have also been given registration information for Moby Max. Although not required as homework it is a fantastic way to learn and grow in all subject areas.

     If your child brings home the math book, it has to be returned to school the next day. There are no other copies and it includes workbook activities that we complete together.

     Our math homework workbook pages for each day are not homework. We will complete them in class together for practice and occasionally for a grade. Feel free to look at and discuss completed pages for our daily lessons but please don’t go further ahead in the book.

     The only other homework I normally assign will be in the form of study guides for Science or Social Studies. Check your child’s binder for study guides. They will be issued in plenty of time for them to prepare for tests. They will also be available for download on the class web site. I will let you know if there are additional assignments in the newsletter.